Kim Laskovsky

Associate Principal Bassoon, New York Philharmonic

"With your product, you don’t have to push the sound and nuance is always heard. Really incredible.I have been using the sound bridges that Cian O’Mahony has sent me for the bassoon. They have been life changing. It is so easy to play now that I haven’t been getting tired after rehearsals. I’m sure you have heard that the New York Philharmonic plays with a very full sound and as a bassoonist it is very hard to compete with the more powerful instruments."



Aaron Campbell

Euphonium artist and educator

"I try to give my audience the best I can possibly give, and the LefreQue sound plates help me accomplish that goal. LefreQue helps me to play better in tune with a bigger fuller sound and with far less effort."


Brandon Jinwoo Choi

Professor of Chung-Ang university, Seoul Art College, Sam Yuk University, Seoul, Korea and Seoul Chung Am Art University.

“With LefreQue I play with more freedom and spontaneity! It allows me to express myself easier and with less effort. Very helpful during outdoor performances indeed, when you need fullness to the sound without working too hard. This truly is a wonderful product.”


Emily Beynon

Principal flute of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam.

"For any instrument, at any level, the lefreQue is a major sound improvement. I will never play without anymore."