TIMPANI Grand Professional Series

The Bergerault “Grand professional” balanced action pedal tuning mechanism timpani are manufactured with CNC machining equipment to very precise tolerances. The resulting pedal mechanism is silent and smooth facilitating extremely accurate tuning. Both parabolic and cambered seamless one piece copper bowls are manufactured with a proprietary spinning process instead of the pressed bowl method. This process guarantees the bowls have a constant thickness and extraordinary tone and response. The one piece bowls are freely suspended in the timpani frame and special attention has been paid to the profile of the bearing edge which is reinforced for extended durability and tuning stability. This combination of advanced features provides a marvelous musical result: clear and long sustain with full, resonant projection at all volumes. 







• Octave range with quickly adjusted tuning gauge

• White and black lettering easily read in low light condition

• Seamless one piece free suspended bowl

• Balanced action pedal tuning mechanism

• Adjustable spring tension

• One piece leg strut and base castings durable powder coated

• Six square head tuning taps

• Chrome plated counter hoop

• 4” heavy duty locking casters

• Third double wheel caster to provide efforless and safe movement of your timpani

• Mallet Holder (optional) & Tuning keys included

• Remo Renaissance heads with 2’’ extension of the head over the bearing edge