Theo Wanne Gaia Alto 




The GAIA alto has a traditional full sound similar to a vintage Meyer Bros. alto mouthpiece.  It is designed for a traditional full and rich sound with very good projection.  Also, due to its True Large Chamber, it has an even bigger, fuller sound than the vintage mouthpieces. It is incredibly rich sounding and is both fun and inspirational to play.

The GAIA tends towards a traditional Jazz taste, but is quite versatile like the AMMA. The GAIA has a medium roll-over baffle, precision-sculpted inner sidewalls, and our True Large Chamber for a simply huge and alive vintage sound. 

The GAIA hard rubber uses BY FAR the highest quality, most resonant, hard rubber available today in saxophone mouthpieces. By optimizing manufacturing techniques and recipes for hard rubber manufactured in the 1940s and 50s by the Meyer Bros., Otto Link, and Henry Chedeville, the rich resonant sound previously only available in vintage mouthpieces is BACK! There has never been a better hard rubber sax mouthpiece made….EVER! See the difference! 

The GAIAs Alto’s True Large Chamber is breaking new ground. Large chambers have been widely explored in the history of tenor mouthpieces, but very little has been done with alto mouthpieces, until now. The GAIA Alto mouthpiece opens up a whole new world for the alto saxophone. Because they are manufactured with and accuracy higher than any other mouthpiece, vintage or new! The GAIA is truly revolutionary in bringing the vintage sound up to date both in design and construction.

Theo Wanne Mantra



Theo Wanne´s first small chamber mouthpiece is right in line with our True Large Chamber mouthpieces.  The MANTRA alto mouthpiece has a large and clear sound!  It has a more modern sound than a GAIA alto mouthpiece yet is not ´bright´ like a high baffle mouthpiece such as the DURGA. The MANTRA´s unique rollover baffle, square window, and ´shark gill´ chamber, along with Theo Wanne’s legendary advanced manufacturing techniques, make it truly unique.  The MANTRA alto mouthpiece gives musicians the ultimate freedom of expression!



  • Versatile, Lively and big expressive core sound
  • Small Chamber with Theo Wanne™ proprietary shark gills
  • Unique square window
  • Theo Wanne™ legendary quality and innovation
 Theo Wanne Kali




  • Excels in modern Jazz and Rock & Roll realms yet plays fantastic ballads due to its True Large Chamber.

  • Very fat sound due to its very large and complex interior chamber.

  • An alive and fat modern sound, with no thinness. Clear tone with great projection.


  • Short and high step baffle with our True Large Chamber.

  • True Large Chamber gives a fullness never before heard in an alto mouthpiece.



  • Revolutionary True Large Chambers - Huge!

  • Patented, state-of-the-art, interior design with rounded inner side walls.

  • Finish: Reticulated 24K Gold (standard) and Vintified (special order).

  • Pressure Plates: Includes both Alive Gold and Heavy Copper pressure plates and a precision screwdriver.

  • Ligature: Includes our patented integrated two-point contact Liberty Ligature and a precision hex-driver.

  • Cap: Patented Reed Replacer Cap. The most secure cap in the world.

  • Bite Pad: User replaceable bite pads with varying hardness.