Revolutionary sound bridge for all wind instruments.
LefreQue, two simple metal plates for a better sound. 

Repairs the loss of sound.

Every connection between the separate parts of a wind instrument will diminish a part of the sound made at the beginning of the instrument. 

LefreQue will restore a major part of this loss of sound. This allows your sound to become more in tune, more spacious, easier and faster tone changes, a better attack of the tone and you will become less obstructed by a bad acoustic.




Ensembles will experience a metamorphosis almost immediately.

Playing together with lefreQue equipped instruments will produce far better harmonics resulting in a much improved merge of ensemble sound. Chords will be much better in tune. At the same time separate musical lines will be far easier to follow.





New Products

 -  Tycoon

 -  Bergerault

 -  Acme Whistles