Double Helix Mallets 

The Double Helix Mallet Series is a mid-weight line that we developed to bring out the warmth of the fundamental throughout the range of the marimba. 

The Double Helix are made with one synthetic yarn and one wool yarn wrapped with relaxed tension.

Each mallet in the series evokes a warm deep tone from the keyboard.

The six mallets in this series are available with birch or rattan handles.

 Katarzyna Mycka Mallets 
 The Katarzyna Mycka Professional Mallet Series was developed to project maximum sound in orchestral and ensemble settings.

Each of these weighted mallets is wrapped very tightly with two strands of synthetic yarn.

The heads, tightly wrapped in Nylon, provide excellent articulation, while the heavy weight yields an immediate response from the keyboard that is required for ensemble and orchestra playing.

This heavier mallet weight brings out the warmth of the marimba by physically activating the fundamental frequencies in the bars. Katarzyna´s series consists of seven mallets in varying hardness, available with both birch and rattan handles.

All-in-One Mallet Bag 

You have mallets but do you have a good bag? Here´s the marimba one new mallet bag! Perfect to take to gigs, will expand to fit your laptop and all other needs.


  • Protective flap for use when hanging on a marimba.
  • Ultra-strong nylon fabric reinforced at stress points. Oversize YKK zippers for ease of use and durability.
  • Dual-layer staggered pockets for easy reach of mallets. Holds 18 pairs in orderly fashion. Capacity for many more. 
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle. Reinforced-stitch adjustable shoulder straps. 
  • Built-in organization: pencil holder, zippered pockets, business card display. 
  • 3-part front divider including gusseted pockets that easily handle your music sheets, documents and notepads/iPads.