Armstrong Flutes

 Armstrong® Model 303BE-OS Flute


  • Modern open hole flute;
  • Sterling silver. 014" (.35mm) thinwall head;
  • .018" (.46mm) silver plated body and B foot with split E key and offset G/A key;
  • 7235L hardshell case.

 Armstrong® Model 80BE-OS Flute


  • Modern open hole flute;
  • Sterling silver .014"(.35mm) P4 thinwall head;
  •  .018" (.46mm) body and B foot;
  • 24K gold plated engraved lip plate and crown;
  • silver plated offset G/A key;
  • split E mechanism;
  • tapered rollers;
  •  7229L French-style case with 7613 fleece-lined cover.

Armstrong Piccolo

Armstrong® Model 358 Piccolo

Fine carved conical grenadilla wood head and body‚ silver plated keys‚ This is a pro piccolo that plays with the ease and warmth of wood, providing a rich dark sound.


  • Fine grenadilla wood head and body;
  • conical bore;
  • silver plated keys;
  • hardshell case.
  • 442 tuning


ArmY arm
Body.018 wall tubing
PadsDouble Skin Pisoni
Adjusting ScrewsUnder Mount
HeadjointConical carved Grenadilla
.016 wall tubing